Online Greeter for churches
Your real life professional greeter for your church website!

1. We start by getting to know your ministry. We have a form where you can enter both general church information (name, URL, denomination, address, contact info, etc.) as well as detail information regarding your ministry (faith/beliefs, resources, ministries offered, etc.). It only takes a few minutes and you can provide as much or as litte information as you please.


The professional greeter at will have access to this information as visitors come to your church website.

2. We provide some html code that you place on your website. Place the code in the header or footer of your site so that it will appear on all pages on your church website.


This simple code will enable the automated greeter panel as well as enable the gathering of statistics on your site traffic.

3. As people visit your website during business hours*, we're here to greet your visitors. We'll answer questions, inform your visitors and be a friendly voice for them as they visit your site. We'll log every chat session we engage with and provide you every word of the chat with all the details.


We'll also automatically log all traffic to your site so you can see the details of who's visiting, from where and how they found your site. You'll have access to all this information on your admin panel.

4. From your admin area, you'll have access to everything including transcripts of every chat, site visitor traffic charts and details of every visitor to your church website.

* - Business hours will be M-F 8am to 5pm MST and 8am to 11am MST Sunday. Visitors can also leave a message 24 hours a day


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